2018 Lincoln Navigator: Massive!


The 2018 Lincoln Navigator tries to break the mold of the large SUVs by styling up the traditional boxy-ness of the SUV class. Despite function dominating form for most SUVs Lincoln utilizes solid design rules to accomplish a far more interesting vehicle. 


2018 Lincoln Navigator: Angular Front View

Beginning with the front, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator displays excellent uses of branding and repetition by using the outline of the Lincoln emblem to produce the honeycomb tessellate for the front grille. 


2018 Lincoln Navigator: Angular Rear View

The hood gently curves down into each headlight. The headlights themselves resemble wing tipped eyes that wrap around to the sides of the car. The overall impression is an air of pride and stoic machismo. 


2018 Lincoln Navigator: Front View

Moving to the Lincoln Navigator’s profile you’ll find that between the Lincoln Navigator’s height, length and sinister looking wheels; this vehicle is a brute. The 2018 model features a new twin turbocharged engine that is well accompanied by striking wheels that are reminiscent of jet turbine fans. 


2018 Lincoln Navigator: Interior View

Beyond the new wheels, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator’s profile features clean lines with the addition of some silver trim that wraps the body. It is an addition that adds a touch of sophistication, which balances the brutishness of such a large vehicle. 


2018 Lincoln Navigator: Front Seats

Moving to the Navigator’s rear we are greeted by the manufacturer’s name, “Lincoln”,  and a band of red and white that accommodates the break and taillights. Although the 2018 Lincoln Navigator’s rear is square in geometry, it only really speaks to the utility of making the most of the space inside which can be filled by up to 120 cubic feet of cargo. The interior is met with a similarly lavish utility. 


2018 Lincoln Navigator: Rear Seats

With highly comfortable seats that look nearly space age like with ribbing and highly defined sides, to the far-out whirlpool like premium speakers. The 2018 Lincoln Navigator is your personal vehicle to the future and beyond. 

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