2018 Volvo S90 T8-AWD Inscription: Thor’s Hammer and More.


The 2018 Volvo S90 T8 electric hybrid is a force to be reckoned with. The front end comes to a blunt point which mirrors the Swedish automaker’s trademark LED running lights which they call Thor’s Hammer. 


2018 Volvo S90 T8: Angular Front View

2018 Volvo S90 T8: Scandinavian charm 

The rest of the front is uncluttered and clean with their telltale Volvo emblem and straight line grated grille. With two longs slices carved out on either side of the hood for aerodynamics the front is otherwise untouched by cutouts and extreme lines. 


2018 Volvo S90 T8: Front View

A black lower grille is highlighted by two sharp chrome accents balancing out the headlights and complimenting the chrome of the emblem. The profile of the 2018 Volvo S90 continues the trend of simplicity and chrome trimming. 


2018 Volvo S90 T8: Angular Rear View

From its side the S90 takes on a dog-nosed appearance in the front, though what’s most interesting is its windshield and back window angle. Both appear surprisingly small in terms of height for a family sedan, showing Volvo’s dedication to a sporty and aerodynamic drive. 

Coming to the rear of the 2018 Volvo S90 T8 you’ll find the usual emblems designating its model and powertrain. Taking cues from the front headlight design, the break lights seemingly resemble Nordic axes. Inspiring the thought that the 2018 S90 T8 might just be Volvo’s ultimate weapon or in this case vehicle. 


2018 Volvo S90 T8: Interior View

The rear also lends itself a bulky toughness with a bumper stretching out a few inches past the taillights and extra curves carved from the trunk door. Perhaps the semblance is needed to wield all the hammers and axes the S90 carries, which it does effortlessly with its 402 horsepower combined gas/electric engines. However the true beauty of Volvo’s Scandinavian charm lies within their premier vehicles.


2018 Volvo S90 T8: Driver’s Seat

True to form, Volvo has focused on three things when it came to the 2018 S90 T8 interior: quality materials, space, and simplicity. From the driver’s perspective you are first met with Nappa leather upholstery, polished wood inlays accented by brushed aluminum trim. 


2018 Volvo S90 T8: Rear Seats

It is easy to say the interior is a prime example of modern design influences. Cup holders and accessory pockets are hidden allowing you to forget that the Volvo S90 T8 is still a family sedan. Cluttering button and knob controls are kept to a bare minimum allowing for an even larger infotainment display.

The interior, whether you’re up front or in the back, is beyond spacious especially with the addition of the nearly panoramic sunroof. Probably the last reminder that you’re back in Sweden every time you’re in a Volvo, is the brightly contrasting Swedish flag sewn into the upholstery of the passenger chair. 

The 2018 Volvo S90 T8 is truly one of Sweden’s finest automotive accomplishments. 

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