2019 BMW 330i Car Stock Photography: Raising The Bar Again


Once hailed as the first-of-its-kind modern luxury sport sedan, the 2019 BMW 330i raises the bar again.


2019 Car Stock Photography: BMW 330i Angular Front View

Receiving an all-new exterior update, the 330i benefits from more aggressive lines and overall modeling. Retaining the classic kidney grilles, they are slightly larger now and bend at the top to stay flush with the hood.


2019 Car Stock Photography: BMW 330i Front View

Similarly placed headlights take on more geometric daytime running lights, separated by a crease in the front fascia. The fascia too is largely different separating the lower grille from front wheel vents and optional rectangular fog lights. Hood lines are now a little straighter and connect with the edges of the redesigned grille.


2019 Car Stock Photography: BMW 330i Angular Rear View

From the profile you’ll notice slightly slimmer side mirrors a slightly shorter looking cabin and multiple streamlined bodylines. The rear has also seen some light changes with reflector accents that copy the front wheel vents and updated taillights that are more uniform and rectangular in shape.


2019 Car Stock Photography: BMW 330i Interior View

The interior has also seen much-welcomed updates. Now plush with leather, brushed chrome accents, and optional stained wood trims comes together as an extremely sleek and modern look.


2019 Car Stock Photography: BMW 330i Front Seats

Just as with the outside, the interior has taken on much of the same angularity with vents, handles, and other accents having sharp corners and edges.


2019 Car Stock Photography: BMW 330i Rear Seats

Rear seating is remarkably smooth also being fully leather and fits a very clean and simple aesthetic.

Reseating itself as king of the road, the 2019 BMW 330i  sets the bar once more as the premier modern luxury sport sedan.

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