2019 Mercedes C300 Convertible: Beauty, Elegance, and Comfort


With the release of the 2019 model year, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class returns with modest updates. The 2019 Mercedes C300 C-Classis is still a work of beauty, elegance, and comfort.


2019 Mercedes C300 Convertible: Angular Front View

New additions for the C300 are mostly technological and now include LED headlights as standard as well as a slew of safety features and driver assist functions.


2019 Mercedes C300 Convertible: Front View

On the outside adjustments to the grille and bumper options are the most notable and flashy changes. Now as an option is Mercedes’ outstandingly beautiful chrome diamond-block grille pided by an enlarged Mercedes’ tri-Star emblem and chrome accented crossbar. The other option is, although a little less flashy, a bold double winged version of the Mercedes tri-star with the dual crossbars.


2019 Mercedes C300 Convertible: Angular Rear View

The profile of the 2019 C300 retains the same appearance of a wind swept hill.


2019 Mercedes C300 Convertible: Interior View

A slightly down slanted hood rises into the windshield and roofline of the cabin that gently slopes into the back window and down into the valley of a small trunk spoiler.


2019 Mercedes C300 Convertible: Front Seats

The taillights wrap the rear fascia and conform to the rounded curve of the body. All of this encased in one of the new matte paint options and you’re easily riding in one of the most comfortable and fashionable vehicles on the road.


2019 Mercedes C300 Convertible: Back Seats

The 2019 C300 is at its pinnacle and Mercedes knows this with the minimal amount of changes they made. Whether it’s the coupe, convertible or 4-Door sedan, the 2019 C-Class C300 is a true marvel of engineering and design.

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