2019 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG Stock Images: A Beast on All Roads


The 2019 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG. With full focus on its sportiness Mercedes keeps pace without allowing an experience and luxury fall to the wayside. 


2019 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG stock photography: Angular Front View

The front is cinched at the grille, which comes off as a snarling grimace. Additional care has been given to aerodynamics with side spoilers built into the front fascia. 


2019 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG stock photography: Front View

The profile of the CLA 45 AMG reveals a unique roundedness to Mercedes’ design. Smoothed ridges find their place on the hood and on the sides with the shoulder line and body curves leading from the headlights. 


2019 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG stock photography: Angular Rear View

The shoulder line slides in right about the taillights that have a scouring appearance. A short spoiler is built into the trunk top, which follows the rounded design trend. 


2019 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG stock photography:: Interior View

Unique from most other Mercedes vehicles the interior is toned down on technology. Featuring a full number pad and a noticeably smaller infotainment screen, full attention is given to the driving experience over more complicated creature comforts. 


2019 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG stock photography: Front Seats

Sport style bucket seats are placed upfront. Ribbed suede lines the center of the seating while leather hugs your sides. A sleek and subdued color palette of red silver and black keeps the interior modern and mean. 


2019 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG stock photography: Rear Seats

Rear seating is easily as comfortable as the front. Although capable of seating three passengers, the middle passenger won’t find the same suede lined comfort as others. Legroom is considerable, but given the coupe design taller folks may be a little hunched. 

The bark and hum of an AMG engine starting up is the greatest appeal of the 2019 Mercedes CLA 45. Coming in a close second are its intimidating good looks and overall drive experience. 

Meant to be driven, the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG is a beast on all roads. 

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