2019 Mercedes S-Class 560 Convertible in Pictures: Elegance Redefined


It is easily said that Mercedes knows no bounds to luxury. The 2019 Mercedes S-Class 560 is a testament to their commitment to creating a comfortable and beautiful driving experience.


2019 Mercedes S-Class 560: Angular Front View

To begin with, Mercedes has graced the 2019 Mercedes S-Class with the jewel like grille with the Mercedes Tristar straight and center. The headlights are similarly jewel shaped LED’s with faceted daytime running lights strung along the top.


2019 Mercedes S-Class 560: Front View

The hood is a long sweeping arch that falls off at the grille and picks back up at the lower fascia where it separates into the lower grille and front wheel vents.


2019 Mercedes S-Class 560: Angular Rear View

The rear shares a similar flourish with Mercedes’ OLED scale-like taillights. The taillights are connected by a chrome adornment that spans the rear and crossing the trunk door. The lower rear fascia is home to quad exhaust ports, which lets you know this Mercedes engine means business, and of the speed variety.


2019 Mercedes S-Class 560: Interior View

Moving inside, the S-Class is all metal, wood, and leather. With a range of interior options and no wrong choices, the 2019 Mercedes S-Class excels at comfort and luxury feel.


2019 Mercedes S-Class 560: Front Seats

With loads of customizable features, the all-leather chairs can be adjusted every way imaginable, and with multi-color LEDs trim lights, it can fit your every mood too.


2019 Mercedes S-Class 560: Rear Seats

Despite the coupe size of the S-Class 560, there is plenty of room for back seat passengers, who will also share in the luxury finely crafted leather seating.

No matter which way you choose to look at the 2019 Mercedes S-Class 560, inside and out, this option from Mercedes is sure to be the finest vehicle on the road.

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