Audi E-Tron Electric SUV Stock Images: Finesse and Futurism

main-imageFollowing suit with luxury trends, Audi enters the field of renewables with their brand new Audi E-Tron all electric vehicle. Looking to take the lead in the race for fully electric vehicles, Audi offers an SUV with all the finesse and futurism they could muster.

audi_19etronadvanced55su1b_angularfrontAudi E-Tron Electric SUV Stock Images: Angular Front View

Fitting right behind the Audi Q3 in size and shape, the 2019 E-Tron takes on some design changes in the grille and profile to match its electronic tendencies. Now that the grille is superfluous it takes on the looks of venetian blinds that are half closed. Stern ridges that emphasize power and Audi’s angular mainstay in design define the hood and profile.

audi_19etronprestg4wdsu1a_frontviewAudi E-Tron Electric SUV Stock Images: Front View

The profile reveals a well-hidden charging port that opens and closes automatically at the push of a button. Slightly out of tune for Audi is the vibrant orange E-Tron badge that helps you find the new charging port.

audi_19etronprestg4wdsu1a_angularrear Audi E-Tron Electric SUV Stock Images: Angular Rear View

The rear is thoroughly defined by the large crossbar taillight that wraps around the entire rear. The Audi E-Tron’s new badging is more discreet than ever, taking up very little space in the left corner of the trunk door.

audi_19etronprestg4wdsu1a_dashboardAudi E-Tron Electric SUV Stock Images: Interior View

The interior is full of the usual Audi angularities. Busier and more complex than its rivals, the 2019 E-Tron takes some risks with a unique shifter, dual touch screens, and a gaping hole where cup holders usually find their place.

audi_19etronprestg4wdsu1a_frontseatAudi E-Tron Electric SUV Stock Images:  Front Seats

With every risk that the E-Tron takes there is also a safe play. The front seats are normal luxury faire. Fully adjustable and beautiful fine grain leather makes them a pleasure to sit in and equips the driver with a comfortable riding experience.

audi_19etronprestg4wdsu1a_rearseatAudi E-Tron Electric SUV Stock Images: Rear Seats

The rear seating sees a similar approach with luxury being the main mindset. Providing plenty of room for rear passengers, the boot sees some loss in space, in order to make sure everyone enjoys the ride in the all-new Audi E-Tron.

Looking to make their way into the all-electric vehicle space, Audi offers up the midsize SUV E-Tron. With more defining exterior ridges and a never before seen interior Audi wants it known they’re looking to the future.

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