Car photography may soon document dizzying innovations

Car photography might not have to bother with getting the steering wheel in the picture before too long.

Automotive technology experts say driverless cars aren’t as far down the road as you might think, according to a blog post by CNN’s Doug Gross.

“We are seeing just seismic changes as we speak,” Scott Belcher, president and CEO of the nonprofit Intelligent Transportation Society of America, says in the article.

It might sound like something from a science-fiction film, but Belcher tells CNN he wouldn’t be surprised to see such vehicles on U.S. highways in just a few years.

The technology will get there, he predicts — the question is whether drivers will be willing to move over and let a machine drive.

“We don’t really like to give up control of our vehicles,” Belcher says. “But if you look at where we are today — the adaptive cruise control is semi-autonomous. Cars that park themselves — that’s autonomous. You’ve got buses that operate in rapid transit systems that, for the most part, are autonomous.”

Already, the CNN post notes, automakers are on the brink of producing vehicle-to-vehicle technology — which allows cars to sense and “talk” to one another and avoid collisions. Volvo even has a system that looks out for pedestrians and can automatically hit the brakes if it spots anyone in the car’s path.

These changes might take some getting used to, but they’re likely to save many lives.

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