Newly Launched! Interesting Cars in the US – Part 2


Chevrolet Equinox 

The Chevrolet Equinox has all that it takes to be a well rounded vehicle in its class. As seen from the Chevrolet Equinox images, the vehicle looks very stylish from every angle. On the inside, the quality of materials used is better than that of many of its rivals. 


The Chevrolet Equinox specs indicate that multiple engine options are available for the buyers of this SUV with power outputs ranging between 137 hp and 252 hp. The Equinox is available in both front wheel drive and all wheel drive layouts, and is a quite agile in its handling characteristics. 

Prices for the Chevy Equinox start from just under $24,000 onwards.

Toyota Camry

Being the best selling car in the United States, the Toyota Camry and its hybrid version need no introduction here at all. The vehicle is a picture of sensibility and practicality, as seen from the Toyota Camry images. 


Its understated styling, roomy interior packed with all the modern features expected from a car in its class and its very reasonable price tag of just under $23,500 – you can get the hybrid for under 28,000 – have all contributed to making it a resounding success in the American car market. 

Buyers have the option of choosing from engine options that vary in power output from 203 hp to 301 hp.

GMC Terrain

With prices starting from just under $25,000 and a few other improvements, the GMC Terrain is certainly back on the list for crossover buyers in the US. 


The GMC Terrain looks are certainly interesting and appealing, especially to the younger section of the car buying public. GMC has improved the Terrain’s powertrain to incorporate gasoline engines with turbochargers and a new 1.6L turbocharged diesel motor is part of the line-up as well. The GMC Terrain specifications show that the power outputs of these engines range from 137 hp to 252 hp.

Range Rover Velar

Land Rover has been known for bringing out vehicles that are brimming with technology and extremely high on go anywhere capability. Priced at just under $50,000, the new Range Rover Velar is more of the same. 


The Range Rover Velar images showcase its rugged yet superbly stylish design. Land Rover provides the option of choosing between three different engines, with the Range Rover Velar power outputs going all the way up to 380 hp. The inside is as high tech as it can possibly be, with many functions being operated by touch.

Audi Q5

This SUV was appreciated right from the day it launched for its dignified design that can be seen from the Audi Q5 images, its brilliant practicality and generous equipment list. 


For 2018, Audi has refined its design and preserved the best aspects of the Q5 while making improvements wherever needed. At around $41,500, the vehicle is touch pricier than some of its rivals, but you do get excellent value for money. In terms of fit and finish, it is one of the absolute best in its class. The Q5’s engines, ranging from 252 hp to 354 hp in power, and its Quattro system result in lively driving behaviour as well.

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