2019 Ford Fiesta Stock Imagery: Interior Photography, Exterior Snaps, Under the Hood, Dashboard, Seats, and More

main-imageThe 2019 Ford Fiesta is a dying breed in the world of cars. Compact by design and made for the sole purpose of moving people from point-a to point-b, the 2019 Fiesta is the little car that could by offering all the right stuff.


2019 Ford Fiesta Stock Photo Gallery: Angular Front View

Compact sedans are fewer in number than ever, however that didn’t stop Ford from making a charming button car the best they could.

The hood is aggressively ridged with sides that cut inward toward the grille and a raised center that becomes flush with the fascia right above the Ford badge. The grille is a basic ribbed pattern with light chroming for better visibility. Small circular fog-lights are a wonderful touch that even some expensive cars don’t see included in their basic package.


2019 Ford Fiesta Stock Photo Gallery: Front View

The headlights wisp outward to a point and are proportionately long and keep within the design by staying on the moderately thin side. The wheel wells see raised edges and strong door lines, meaning Ford didn’t skimp on the 2019 Fiesta’s aerodynamic potential.


2019 Ford Fiesta Stock Photo Gallery: Angular Rear View

The 2019 Fiesta was also given rims instead of hubcaps, which help it from appearing like it’s a low end economical vehicle.

The rear window manages to be surprisingly large and the trunk has a petite spoiler on the top of the rectangular trunk door. The taillights take up a good amount of the rear, which isn’t surprising given the overall size. Another surprising touch is a rear lower bumper plastic guard which you hopefully will never need since the 2019 Fiesta also has a rear backup camera.


2019 Ford Fiesta Stock Photo Gallery: Interior View

The interior is expertly balanced and doesn’t feel as small as the outward appearance would inform. Even if it was unlikely to have premium interior materials, the dashboard features decently textured plastics and shiny piano black which makes the center stack stand out.

The small infotainment system features a touchscreen but can also be navigated via the backlit buttons and dials below it. 


2019 Ford Fiesta Stock Photo Gallery: Front Seats

A weak point however is the steering wheel which was given a plastic that doesn’t match anything else inside. It still features cruise control functions and radio controls.

The front seats are given a mixture of fabrics to help keep the driver and passenger comfortable..


2019 Ford Fiesta Stock Photo Gallery: Rear Seats

Despite the compact nature of the 2019 Ford Fiesta, it still manages to seat up to three rear passengers for a total of five. The side seats appear to use the same hexagonal textured material as the front, but see less aggressive torso hugging sides. Should the driver need extra cargo room, the rear seats do fold down which gives the little Fiesta a fighting chance in versatility against its larger cousins. 

Despite the disappearing range of compact sedans, the 2019 Ford Fiesta doesn’t quit trying to be more than the rest of the competition. Full of features in a compact body, the 2019 Fiesta is the perfect daily driver for all circumstances.

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