2019 Volkswagen e-Golf Stock Photography: The e-Golf is Here


The 2019 e-Golf is the electric brother to the ever-popular Volkswagen hatchback. Now dedicated to an all-electric future, the Volkswagen offers more than just a big battery in their latest release of the e-Golf.


2019 Volkswagen e-Golf Stock Images:  Angular Front View

Moving the classic Volkswagen Golf into the electric range means some key design differences between the regular gas-sipping models. First there is no main grille, just a smaller lower grille skirted by some chrome embellishment and LED running lights. In lieu of the top grille is a large bar that connects the two headlights.


2019 Volkswagen e-Golf Stock Images: Front View

Overall the front of the e-Golf is cute and mammalian in nature, perhaps a throwback to the old Rabbit. The profile speaks of an expected normalcy that’s made the Golf line what it is today; commuter driving bliss.


2019 Volkswagen e-Golf Stock Images:  Angular Rear View

The rear is standard Volkswagen fare, with taillights that are near copies of the headlights and a matching VW badge on the boot door. There is also the remnant of exhaust ports, which serve little purpose on the 2019 e-Golf except to remind you that it’s still a motor vehicle.


2019 Volkswagen e-Golf Stock Images:  Interior View

Radio and climate controls are skewed toward the driver for easier viewing. Blue stitching adds some spark to the steering wheel and shifter; giving the interior much needed vivacity.


2019 Volkswagen e-Golf Stock Images: Front Seats

The driver’s door opens to a smartly designed interior. Leather is used wherever materials would come into contact with the driver rather than every surface. High quality plastics add flair in silver hues, creating a futuristic touch.


2019 Volkswagen e-Golf Stock Images: Rear Seats

The same goes for the rear bench seating; leather for the back rests as well as the armrests situated on the inner door. Space in the rear is highly economic but is suitable for the majority of passengers – even when seating three.

The 2019 e-Golf was designed to be more than the electric counterpart to other gas Volkswagens. Smartly designed inside and out, blue accents highlight a new clean and futuristic take on the automobile.

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