2020 Ford Escape Stock Pictures: Exterior Photography, Interior Pics, Dashboard, Seats, Wheels, and More


Stepping up their game in the compact SUV world, the 2020 Ford Escape takes risks where others don’t. With sharp cool exterior stylings and upgraded interior materials, the 2020 Escape will help you get away from the ordinary. 



2020 Ford Escape Stock Photography: Angular Front View


Straight on, the 2020 Escape looks strikingly similar to the latest Porsche Macan. Bold compartmentalized headlights and rounded body lend themselves to a sport appearance. 



2020 Ford Escape Stock Photography: Front View


The upper grille is lined with downward point triangles and encircled by a thin chrome trim. The profile shows a coupe like rear and triangle engraved rims build upon the grille design. 



2020 Ford Escape Stock Photography: Angular Rear View


The rear window hangs over a small roof spoiler and matte silver lower fascia makes room for dual exhaust ports and tow hitch. 



2020 Ford Escape Stock Photography: Interior View


The interior of the 2020 Ford Escape tries to hit above its weight class, with quality leather seats and faux wood paneling. A beige roof adds a much needed lightness to the interior.



2020 Ford Escape Stock Photography: Front Seats


Usually unseen in the compact SUV class, the leather seating with mechanical controls adds next level comfort to an already upscale interior. Brushed metallic door handles and trimming add a touch of light to the otherwise dark materials. 



2020 Ford Escape Stock Photography: Rear Seats


Fully leather rear seating gets additional high class treatment with perforation interior material. Door paneling continues with a reoccurring triangle pattern seen on the outside.


Looking to be your go-to getaway car, the 2020 Ford Escape goes the next level with improved exterior styling and high class interior materials. Whether you’re getting out of the house for groceries or a weekend retreat, the 2020 Escape will help you get away like never before. 


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