2020 Ford Explorer Stock Photo Gallery: Exterior Images, Interior Photos, Dashboard, Seats, Wheels, and More


With a remodel for the 2020 model year, the 2020 Ford Explorer rolls onto the scene with a sense of bravado expected from the quintessential American automotive company.

Not looking to impress with overtly stylized looks, the 2020 Explorer is a keen take on the utility of the SUV class.


2020 Ford Explorer SUV Stock Photo Gallery: Angular Front View

Without a doubt, the 2020 Ford Explorer is not a pretty car and nor was it trying to be. Omitting the latest trends of smooth and rounded exteriors, the 2020 Explorer goes the opposite route with a bold center hood dent, a straight lined grille, and a large distinct skid guard on the lower fascia.


2020 Ford Explorer SUV Stock Photo Gallery: Front View

The headlights are all-new, with greater focus on the main lamps rather than LED daytime running lights which is the current trend. Fog-lights are inset on a faux wheel vent and see a more modern approach of a flat line of LEDs.

The roof sees some interesting attention with an excessive amount of aggressively sized diffusers. The lower portion of the vehicle sees a decent amount of plastic skirting with the side doors getting an added chrome flourish.


2020 Ford Explorer SUV Stock Photo Gallery: Angular Rear View

The wheels look rugged with ten spokes in sets of two and a bright silver finish. The C-pillar in the rear is completely black and fades into the rear window giving the roof a floating design. The tail gate takes up most the rear real estate, with the plastic skirting and a rear skid guard taking up the rest. The taillights are a little lackluster with squared off ovals that have cartoonish zoom lines moving toward the front.


2020 Ford Explorer SUV Stock Photo Gallery: Interior View

The interior takes a few strides into adventurousness. Every piece of the dashboard is clearly and distinctly separate, and yet clean. The vents jut outward from the single dashboard piece, and the touchscreen infotainment screen sits outward like it is floating.

Controls for the radio and climate are kept simple and don’t take up much space. The shifter has been replaced with a dial and is oddly separated from the ignition button, which is located just below and left of the infotainment system.


2020 Ford Explorer SUV Stock Photo Gallery: Front Seats

The steering wheel is given controls for highway cruising as well as radio controls and is generously leather bound. The seats are leather wrapped and are backed by rigid plastic.

Seat controls are fully automatic and provide additional comfort especially with the lumbar support adjustment.


2020 Ford Explorer SUV Stock Photo Gallery: Rear Seats

There are two rows of rear seating for a maximum of five extra passengers. The middle row is a near even split between the three seats and are completely foldable, should you need the space. Also bound in leather, the rear seats don’t look quite as plush as the front, but should provide ample support and comfort anyway.

Overall, the 2020 Ford Explorer is caught in the crossroads of utility and providing a comfortable and appreciative ride to new buyers. Even if, not as charming or as sleek on the outside, the 2020 Explorer puts it best foot forward interior-wise and is sure to sell you on the test drive.

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