2020 Lincoln MKZ Stock Image Gallery: Exterior Photographs, Interior pics, Dashboard, Seats, Wheels, and More


Filling out the luxury sedan class, the 2020 Lincoln MKZ looks to stun those who are ready to jump in to something a little more than standard. With a slew of considerate updates inside and out, the 2020 MKZ is the perfect car to upgrade to. 

2020 Lincoln MKZ Stock Image Gallery: Angular Front View
A bold, thickly chromed grille mimics the general shape of the Lincoln emblem. The headlights receive updated looks with one main led lamp, vertical led streaks, and a low riding daytime running light. 
2020 Lincoln MKZ Stock Image Gallery: Front View
The profile reveals additional chrome accents along the fog-lights, side windows, and lining the base of the side mirrors. Three neatly ordered creases divide the hood, nicely breaking up the overall smoothness of the front fascia. 

2020 Lincoln MKZ Stock Image Gallery: Angular Rear View
The taillights see the most modernization, with the single bar spanning the rear fascia and trunk door. Hidden exhaust pipes are revealed with a chrome port trim and seemingly connected by an additional chrome accent spanning the lower fascia. 

2020 Lincoln MKZ Stock Image Gallery: Interior View
With a simplified and modernized interior the dashboard is given a long slope and the center stack is cleanly organized with the omission of the gearshift. Mostly achromatic, the interior sees a nice dotting of colors with the brightly backlit temperature and control buttons. 

2020 Lincoln MKZ Stock Image Gallery: Front Seats
Seating is fully leather bound with black stitching and mechanically controlled for upscale comfort. Below the center stack is an additional hidden cubby perfect for your phone or other every day carry accessories. 

2020 Lincoln MKZ Stock Image Gallery: Rear Seats
A smooth dark rear seating arrangement makes for a reserved passenger ride. Fully leather like the front, the rear provides seating for three or two with the cupholder and armrest down. 
Tempting long-time owners to upgrade, the 2020 Lincoln MKZ comes with looks and interior quality of even higher up luxury vehicles. Clear of clutter inside and free of a hodgepodge of exterior curves, the 2020 MKZ takes luxury down the route of tidiness.
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