2020 Toyota Tacoma Stock Photo Gallery: Interior Stills, Exterior Imagery, Under the Hood, Dashboard, Seats, and More


The 2020 Toyota Tacoma takes a soft approach to make their award winning sport truck even better. With a new design emphasis centered around contrast and rounded geometries, the 2020 Tacoma is no longer a boring rectangle, unlike the competition.


2020 Toyota Tacoma stock photo Gallery: Angular Front View

What would usually be a sharp angle on most trucks is now a rounded edge for the 2020 Toyota Tacoma. Both the main grille and slot like lower grille are smaller than usual, with rounded edges and grille lines. The lower grille slot expands out to encompass the fog-lights, forming a dimpled smile. The bottom of the fascia is taken up by a large black skid guard and mud skirt with a singular tow hook located on the lower right.


2020 Toyota Tacoma stock photo Gallery: Front View

The headlights focus on updated LED running lights and domed elements with a leaner size similar to those found on Toyota’s SUVs and crossovers. Dark grey V shaped wheel rims provide a nice contrast to the stark white exterior paint and black plastic trim. The black trim is expertly applied to the roof and side mirrors, giving them a futuristic floating and separated look.


2020 Toyota Tacoma stock photo Gallery: Angular Rear View

The wheel wells are doubly extended and feature rear mud flaps to help keep the white paint clean. The rear bumper is given a silver trim on its sides along with the exhaust pipe which has an elongated chrome tip. Being a sport truck, the tailgate isn’t as tall as other work truck competition, but still provides excellent height for keeping in cargo. The taillights have slight modifications from previous years, with a greater emphasis on an even more squared bottom reverse light.


2020 Toyota Tacoma stock photo Gallery: Interior View

The interior with a more utilitarian starkness does not match the revised exterior aesthetic. Grey and black plastics make up the majority of the interior, giving it a dystopian future feel. The rounded vents add a needed contrast to the less organically shaped dashboard features. A splash of color is introduced with the touchscreen infotainment center, while buttons and dials only receive a light blue backlight.


2020 Toyota Tacoma stock photo Gallery: Front Seats

The seats are given a medium grey cloth that matches the door paneling and is covered with a waved center pattern with additional grippiness. Seat controls are surprisingly automatic and feature lumbar support and additional edge in comfort.

The steering wheel has been given a new control layout with separate buttons for calls and control of the digitized central gauge.


2020 Toyota Tacoma stock photo Gallery: Rear Seats

The rear seats feature the same cloth as the front with a greater emphasis on the inside texture. The seats both fold down and fold up in a 40-60 split for different cargo options and access to hidden compartments.

The 2020 Toyota Tacoma breaks free from conventional truck design wisdom to standout in a crowded category of sport trucks. With a rounded exterior aesthetic unlike any other truck on the market, the 2020 Tacoma easily becomes the most attractive and recognizable truck on the road.

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