How to Choose the Best Car Stock Photos for Facebook Ads


An image is worth a thousand words, goes the adage. And in Facebook ads, your image is worth a thousand engagements. Remember, the very first thing that captures audience attention as the page scrolls by is the imagery.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right car stock photos for your Facebook ads.

2. Look for authenticity

When choosing car stock photos, make sure that you don’t select pictures that appear vague and tasteless. Look for authentic stock photographs. Authentic vehicle images help auto retailers communicate their brand message more effectively.

3. Relevancy is the key

Relatable always wins, when it comes to finding car stock photos to illustrate your social ads. Look for images that are relevant to your ad’s marketing message, rather than going for just any image.

Adding pictures that do not closely relate to the ad can confuse potential customers. This is also likely to shake their trust in your brand and leave a negative impact on their purchase decisions.

4. Quality matters

Blurry images, dark lighting or poor image quality are a big NO! Even if you have a low budget, do not compromise on imagery.

5. Know your audience

Before you choose an image, think about the audience segments your product caters to. Don’t just go for the first car image you see. Rather, choose images that target your audiences effectively.

6. Choose fresh stock photos
Instead of choosing just the popular ones, you can select images that have not seen much use. Do in-depth research to find stock photos that are just the right fit for your content.
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