How to Use Stock Photos on Social Media: 5 Tips

How-to-Use-Stock-Photos_Insights_BannerCar stock photos can be a lot more fun and engaging, only if you know the right way to use them.

Here are a few tips on how to find and use the right car stock images on social media.

1. Select car stock photos to match your feed

Choosing car stock photos that match your feed will make your social marketing look authentic, and over time your followers will start recognizing your unique style.

2. Use photos from the same series

Research before you choose. Portals like can make your work a lot easier.

Once you have decided on a particular aesthetic for your feed, look for more stock photographs that stick to the pattern.

You’ve already dedicated a lot of your time and energy in identifying the right style. Chances are that the same stock library will have similar photos for you in their gallery.

3. Combine car stock photos with existing images

Mix and match your own photographs with car stock photos to create a personal brand. You can even consider adding user generated content to the mix.

4. Choose stock photos that allow you to add overlays

Adding copy or illustrations to your stock images can help enhance your automotive marketing. Stock photos can be great for adding context to quotes.

5. Be precise with search

Stock photography is used differently by different users. To source accurate stock photography, it is important to search for stock photos using precise vehicle specific keywords.

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