Using Stock Photography on your Auto Retail Portal: 5 Best Practices


Here are 5 useful tips on how to use car stock photography effectively on your website, portal, or app.

  1. Get started with design

Let the design dictate where to use stock images.

Once your wireframe is ready, you’ll know things like:

  • Image size
  • Image orientation
  • Types of images
  • Visual Marketing Paths

This makes it easier for you to narrow down your choices and select the right stock photography.

  1. Select the right stock photos

Don’t stuff your pages without a clear visual content plan. Intelligently using stock photography can help position your vehicles in the best light.

  1. A little editing can go a long way

You can make your stock images stand out even more with a little editing. Here are a few ways to make them look unique and interesting:

  • Add some text to create fun graphics
  • Crop your image and use it with a different aspect ratio
  • Add your logo to images to showcase your work

With these techniques, you can create images that visitors will recognize as uniquely yours.

  1. Use some of your own images

Combine stock photography with your own images to create a unique online identity that no one else can copy.

Stock images are versatile and you can use them in quite a lot of collateral, including model slideshows, promotional banners, blog graphics, social media, web backgrounds, etc.

  1. Improve your SEO

Use your own metatags with stock photography, to improve your SEO and move up in search rankings.

Also script search optimized captions wherever possible.

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