izmostock Automotive Leasing Industry Solution

izmostock Automotive Leasing Industry Solution

With more than two decades of global experience, izmostock is the single source of high quality automotive images for the leasing industry. 

The operational leasing industry is an established part of the automotive industry. Yet the Internet is changing the industry, with more and more users using online resources for research and taking decisions. The challenge facing the industry to is to improve online user experience and provide prospects with an engaging and informative web presence.

One of the main elements of a website is the visual quality of the vehicles that are presented to the user. This has been an area that requires a lot of attention because vehicle information is the starting point of the user’s decision-making process.


The industry has been adapting by creating websites with detailed vehicle information, but the visual images are not of acceptable quality. The current source of images are various discrete sources like OEM Press Kits, OEM Websites, Online Portals, Micro Stock Websites etc. which are all not a viable solution for a leasing business.


izmostock provides a comprehensive solution for the Leasing Industry’s image requirements by presenting them a well-structured, standardized catalog of vehicle images. With more than two decades of global experience, we are your single source of high quality automotive images worldwide. Our studios in California and Belgium and an international scanning division enable us to provide vehicle model coverage that is not available anywhere else.


The izmostock solution comprises of the following:

  • A catalogue of vehicle images of all makes and models, current and past
  • Vehicles images are mapped to standard databases like Jato and Autovista, among others
  • Project Management team to help you integrate the images into your platform
  • Weekly image database updates with release forecast
  • Custom studio solutions for special requirements


izmostock Image Catalog

The izmostock Automotive Image Catalog is the most comprehensive library of images available today. We cover more than 700 new models each year and provide standardized images for each vehicle, so that the presentation is always the same for any vehicle.

The Leasing Industry Solution from izmostock comprises of the following:

  • Catalog of Automotive Images for current and past years
  • Exterior and Interior still images in high resolution
  • Available in JPEG, PNG, or WebP formats
  • Available on white or transparent background
  • Twenty six (26) standard image set for each model
  • Colorized images for each model
  • The entire catalog is mapped to standard automotive vehicle databases
  • Weekly updates of new vehicles released


The benefits of using izmostock images are:

  • Lower cost of operation of your web portal
  • Easy integration with your technology platform
  • Improved web user experience through standardization of vehicle presentation
  • Standardized images with database mapping allow for rapid development
  • Global coverage of images means centralized management and control
  • Standardized images allow for rapid development of your web application
  • Hassle free updates means easy website maintenance


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