2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Stock Images: Exterior Photos Interior Stills, Dashboard, Seats, Wheels, and More


The 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia is a prime example of Italian luxury and performance. You can grab one for under $50k, making the Giulia one of the best consumer choices in the compact entry-luxe sedan marketplace.

Packed under the hood is a rowdy 4-cylinder that produces 280HP and 306lb-ft of torque, all at the disposal of your right foot.

alfaromeo_19giuliabasesd2fa_angularfront2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Stock Photography: Angular Front View

2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Exteriors
Sporting an aggressive front end and sleek body lines, the 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia is likely to turn a few heads on the street. The overall exterior design of Giulia hasn’t changed much in the past few years, but it still holds its own amongst the competition.

alfaromeo_19giuliabasesd2fa_frontview2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Stock Photography: Front View

The upside-down triangle front grill is the first thing you notice about the Giulia. This is the same iconic shape seen on Stelvio and almost every other Alfa Romeo model. The headlights on Giulia resemble the eyes of an angry hornet, and give the sedan an unmistakable road presence at night.

alfaromeo_19giuliabasesd2fa_angularrear2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Stock Photography: Angular Rear View

The side profile of the car is very reminiscent of the BMW 3-series, which makes sense, given that the 3-series is one of Giulia’s biggest competitors. However, the Alfa is much more refined, and less aggressive than the 3-series.

Coming around to the rear end of Giulia, the car has a very subtle, yet aggressive look that reminds the onlooker that this is something a little more special than just your typical sedan. Dual exhausts come standard on Giulia, and a diffuser is also available, depending on the trim. A small duckbill spoiler is also available on select trims.

The tail light’s housing shape is very smooth and understated, yet the lights themselves are aggressive and racy, which compliments the headlights tastefully.

alfaromeo_19giuliabasesd2fa_dashboard2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Stock Photography: Interior View

2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Interiors
The interior of Giulia is what you’d expect from Alfa Romeo. A leather wrapped steering wheel and dash mates nicely with the leather bucket seats, which are available in a plethora of colors. The electronic shifter is lovely to use for the most part, and the different driving modes suit most driving styles.

alfaromeo_19giuliabasesd2fa_frontseat2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Stock Photography: Front Seats

2019 Alfa Romeo Infotainment
However, the infotainment system can be a challenge, especially if you’re using functions such as Apple Carplay or Android Auto. The system lacks a touchscreen, and using the finicky turn style knob can take some time to get used to.

alfaromeo_19giuliabasesd2fa_rearseat2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Stock Photography: Rear Seats

Overall, Giulia proves to be an excellent option in the compact entry-luxe sedan market, even against industry leaders such as the BMW 3-series. With great performance and handling that lives up to the company’s Italian heritage, and a beautifully comfortable interior, there really is no losing with the Giulia.

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